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Which orders are impacted by CSP implementation?

  1. Only Indirect and Research & Development goods and services will be ordered through Coupa. The ordering and invoicing process for Direct goods (e.g. API, packaging material, raw materials, etc.) will not be impacted by the transition to Coupa and will remain as it is today, information related to these orders will not be available in the Coupa Supplier Portal.​

  2. If you are a Direct supplier providing Indirect services (e.g. stability tests, regulatory fees, samples, scale-up, etc.), order for these services will be placed through Coupa and information relating to these transactions will be available in the Coupa Supplier Portal.​

  3. The Coupa implementation will be conducted in a phased approach where some markets will go-live before others. You will still need to collaborate with Galderma using your current system/process in markets where Coupa has not yet been launched.​