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Supplier code

The Supplier Code sets forth high-level performance expectations for Galderma's suppliers worldwide on issues that support an ethical and compliant culture. Galderma expects all suppliers to comply with the Supplier Code

Our Supplier Code sets out the standards we require our suppliers to adhere to when conducting business for us. These concern the environment, social aspects and business ethics.​

​Galderma’s suppliers are invited to use our Source-to-Pay platform, ONEBUY, to streamline all transactions. This platform includes the Coupa Supplier Portal (CSP) tool and is intended to be the single point of contact between Galderma and suppliers.​

​Participating in our ONEBUY program has numerous benefits, including accelerating invoice processing.​

​See our Purchase Order Terms & Conditions for more information.




Our Healthcare Practitioner Code (HCP Code) defines how employees and businesses should behave when interacting with healthcare professionals. It is our managers' responsibility to ensure all employees who work with healthcare professionals comply with this Code. Please download the HCP Code in your local language here:



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